Part Time Crime delivers totally righteous storytelling services for brands, production companies, and like-minded filmmakers.

We are not a traditional production company. We don’t own any gear – hell, we can’t even operate a camera – and we don’t produce anything. Instead, we lead or assist top-notch cinematographers, editors, producers, and stuntmen (hey, sometimes) in the development of killer content through big ideas, bold storytelling, and brave direction.

Part Time Crime is led by writer/director Jamie McGaw. Jamie has over a decade of experience crafting films alongside some of the best filmmakers in the business [Emmanuel Lubezki, Errol Morris, and his own grandfather to name a few…] for some of the planet’s biggest brands [VISA, GE, the NFL, Starbucks, etc]. When not making films, he is the founder and Creative Director of Crime & Partners, a creative agency in Bend, Oregon.

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The vision to bring your story to life.
It’s time to share your brand’s story with the world, and a film is just the thing to move audiences and employees alike. But hey, crafting an authentic film is a major undertaking: there’s the idea, the story, the production, and the vision to bring it all together in the editing suite. We’ve been through it all, for everything from million-dollar commercials to pro-bono promos. We can take the reins and guide you through the process - providing writing, direction, editing, and finding the folks to fill out the rest of the picture; or if a cowboy's not yours style, we can quietly keep things on course like a Seeing-Eye Golden Retriever.
Let’s get moving, ‘lil doggie… 


The story to match your skillzzzz.
A client comes to you looking for the whole enchilada: the idea, the script, the production, the post-… and sure, you can whip up something pretty damn tasty – you rock behind the camera, and you can cut a killer spot like it’s Beni-Hana – but when it comes to crafting that original story worthy of your talent, things feel a little less familiar. We concept and write scripts for production companies who have the rest of the main courses covered.
Let’s eat, fam...


Let’s tell some stories.

Honestly, Jamie can’t even operate a camera. But, he has spent a decade learning the craft from the likes of Oscar Winners like Emmanuel Lubezki, Errol Morris, and his grandfather… He’s written literally 1,000s of scripts, and directed literally almost 10 brand films. So, let’s talk shop.

Let’s see where a few too many drinks takes us….


If you'd like to say hello, you can reach us at hi@crimeandpartners.com